Funding Edge Leon HubbardRhonda Hubbard Upfront Fee Scam Boerne Texas | I was required by Funding Edge to pay a upfront fee of $2500 dollars for their assistance in obtaining a loan. After filling out the 1003 I was notified by the Selling broker the Owner decided to take the contract of another bidder and place my offer as a backup. | I contacted Funding Edge and spoke with one of it’s owner(s) Rhonda Hubbard on March 12, 2014 concerning placing me file on hold due to the Property Owner accepting another contract to purchase the subject property. I was informed by Rhonda that it would be no problem just keep her apprised of the situation. | On May 21, 2014 I was informed by the selling Broker that the property was no longer available. I intern called Rhonda one of the Principle Owners of Funding Edge and requested a refund of my money, minus any cost incurred. Rhonda proceeded to explain that she would return my unused portion of Funds and that the request would go in on that same day. | As of June 27, 2014 and repeated calls to Rhonda Hubbard and Leon Hubbard (the Owners) I have gotten nothing but games and deception. It amazes me that they would ask the public to trust them with Multi Million dollor deals and they are playing games over $2,500.


  • Name: Power2Fund
  • Country: United States
  • State: Texas
  • City: Boerne
  • Address: 136 Old San Antonio Rd. #206
  • Phone: (830) 331-4030
  • Website: