I was looking for a new camera, no where on the listing or during checkout did they say that the color I purchased was not guaranteed. They listed black and red, I chose black and checked out. the cost was $249. during checkout there was no taxes as it was out of state purchase. a day later someone called and said they saw I didnt purchase an accessory battery so I agreed thinking an extra long life battery was a good idea.when i received the package, i was shocked to see they shipped me a red camera, and the battery was just the regular battery you get when you buy a new camera, it was even in the little area in the box. I looked online and saw this battery was standard to get when you buy this camera! so pretty much they charged me $69 to just get the battery that shouldve been included with a new camera in a box!Also the unitemized invoice now was $348, so in addition the battery I guess they added other charges, not sure since there was no detailed breakout. Also on the invoice was all kinds of disclaimers, one saying they do not guarantee any color. why didnt they make this clear before the customer purchased it? they also have a 15% restocking fee for returns. I called to complain 1st about the color and they said it’s on their website, I told them it was not apparent and shouldnt they warn the customer on the listing and at checkout that they will ship any color they want! I cant give my husband a red camera and I told them I wanted a 100% refund, and they refused saying they would issue me an RA if I took the 15% restocking fee ( about $50 ) which I refused out of principal. I feel they bait and switched and was deceptive in their listing and sale. The customer service rep was not interested in making this right, and pretty much said take it or leave it. I feel I got taken and want to warn others of this company. they are not honest and will advertise a lower price only to jack it up later.