Practical debt relief is a scam i paid them 399.00 to do nothing. i was told i qualifed for the loan forgiveness program by one of there representives, but come to find out these people weree very unprofessional i didnt herar from them for weeks i had to keep calling to find out what was going on finally i spoke to a few diffrent people who told me that it could take up to six weeks for the process i finally recieved some papers in the mail from fed loan which was a company they went to consolidate my loan, i clearly didnt understand the paper work so i called i spoke to a representive who told me that in order to qualify for that program i needed to 7,500 in debt and i didnt qualify that program and had i gon on there web site there is a test you take for free to see if you qualify or not. so basically ive been trying to get if not all my money back some of it back because they really didnt help me at all besides taking my money, they said they worked on my case but i dont see what they did i i faxed all my info over myself all they did was contact fed loan which i could have done myself for free, they offered me some type of considlation that was rediculious and not what i asked for, they offered 300 months of not paying on the loan which is 25 years that made no sence at all for a 6,400 loan there trying to give me something i didnt pay for i was told i would qualify for the loan forgiveness program and that rest would forgiven after the 10yrs . on top of that i called several times and supervisor shirley was very rude and unprofessional she spoke to me as i was child she def needs some mangment trainning. doonnnnnnnnt be scammmedd beware the wont do what they said. .

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