April 2013 I paid Michael J Durrant a $1,900 deposit for a concrete pad. After months of poor communication I decided ths situation did not feel right do I requested my deposit back. I requested the deposit back on 6/21/13. As of 9/14/13 I have not received the money back. Below is a list of the excuses I was given when asking for my money back, at least the ones I can remember: – I am on vacation -I am working a job in Virginia -I have a collapsed lung -In the hospital -We will cut you a check on Friday -We will send you a check via the state Attorney General’s Office. (where I filed a complaint against Michael) This person Michael Durrant also appears to operate another concrete business by the name of JDM Concrete and advertises all over craigslist. Someone calling themselves James Maggio contacted me indicating that he is the owner of JDM Concrete and is not Michael Durrant. Funny thing is I paid to have the phone numbers traced and what do you know, the number for JDM concrete is registered to the address of Precision Concrete of Delaware. After I posted my experience with this Michael Durrant on Craigslist I recevied intimidating text messages and an intimidating voicemail. He claimed “you don’t know who you are dealing with” and “…”I tried being nice however you continue to do it…” and “..please do yourself a favor and remove” and “…posting about my company isn’t wise to do!” I immediately filed a police report concerning the threatening messages and voicemail and am in the process of filing a suit with the justice of the peace court in Delaware and small claims court in PA. On Monday we will also try for a police report for theft by deception. If you are also a victim of Michael Durrant I urge you not to be intimidated by his threats and file suit and definitely file a police report if he makes you feel threatened in any way. .

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