I am an attorney and a classic car enthusist with very good technical knowledge of almost all the things I own. My ranch in Thousand Oaks, California uses a swing gate operator manufactured by a company called “Power Master” with whom I have dealt several time in last 15 years. Power Master’s swing gate operator model RSW operate my swing gates. One side of the control board of the gate operator went bad. I was looking for an independent dealer due within the pacific time zone (Calif-AZ-Nev etc.) as the main distributor in Miami Florida was closed. Through internet search I discovred that the “Precision Door Service in Scottsdale Az has the control board which they quoted to sell it to me for 299.00 plus shipping and taxes. I specifically asked for a “PowerMaster” control board from the owner’s manual and not “LiftMastrer” as I don’t have any information about LiftMaster. Man who took the order in Parts shop at the Precision Door Service wrote down RSW instead of PowerMaster therefore sent me the wrong control board. Upon inspction I immediately knew it was a wrong control board. I called and sent the email as well about them sending me the wrong control board for a totaly differeant gate operator. Parts Manager demanded that I must pay a 50% re-stocking fee for return. I was shocked with this totally unfair and unreasonable demand. It was clearly the fault of their parts manager who sent me the wrong part. After my phone conversation they decided to lower it to 40% of restock cost. I really feel strongly that this business is a very unethical and dishonest operation. I have already spoken to the consumers affairs department in Scottsdale AZ as well as with the licenseing offices to report such illegal and unethical practice by the Precision Door Service of Scottsdale, AZ. I have not yet sent the wrong control board back as I intent to file a civil case in Scottsdale thorugh as associate attorney of mine to sue this very shady operators.


  • Name: Precision Garage Door
  • Country: United States
  • State: Arizona
  • City: Scottsdale
  • Address: 7652 E. Greenway Rd., Ste 100
  • Phone: 602-242-2220
  • Website: precisiondooraz.com