On 06/22/12, I responded to a television advertisement for Precision Cooktops. The advertisement was a complete 2 for 1 offer at $99.00, plus shipping and handling. Over the phone I paid for my order in full with an added free upgrade next day shipping. My charge was $99.00 plus $119.90 shipping and handling.nOn 06/23/12, I called to cancle the order. I was told that I couldn’t because it was already shipped but I could return it for a full refund, minus shipping.nOn 06/24/12, I received a partial order. I was missing, 1- 9″ perfectgreen frying pan

2- 10.5″” perfectgreen frying pans

1- precision cooktop and 2- ultimate cookware sets.nOn 07/31/12

I received another partial order. 1- 10.5″” perfectgreen frying pan

1-ultimate cookware set and the other precision cooktop.nOn 08/01/12