Complaint: I had been planning my wedding in Bali for over 9 months and had everything organized apart from locating a suitable caterer.I found by chance over the internet a company called Preferential treatment owned by a Californian man, Christopher naylor.After having spent numerous hours arranging with chris naylor suitable cuisine and courses for my wedding I finally gave chris the go-ahead to proceed with the booking and forwarded to preferential treatment the sum of 13,300 USD as the deposit payment for the entire wedding catering.The final 30% was to be payable once I arrived in Bali- 4 days prior to the wedding.After being contacting by chris naylor prior to departing for Bali and having been assured that all had been 100% arranged including all requested menus and drinks, I felt that I could sit-back and relax and enjoy my last 5 days in Bali prior to the big day.After arriving in Bali I was contacted by chris and forwarded the final 30% payment (5,700 USD) to his account as the final payment for all the catering by Preferential treatment.I was again reassured by him that all was 100%The night before the big day I was preparing for my stag-do and was feeling a little nervous thinking what my friends had in store for me.I then received a call from chris saying that the police has raided his alcohol storage facility and confiscated all the champagne ordered for my wedding.I asked why this had happend and he said something about “tax evasion””… I then asked him to please change the drink menu if the champagne could not be served to a red wine

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Address: merlot.Chris naylor said that he could not because he had spent all allocated funds on the champagne

Website: not to mention the fact that I had wasted over 40

Phone: over 4000 USD and did not have sufficient capital left to purchase more beverages.At this point I asked for a complete refund as I did not feel secure dealing with christopher naylor anymore… he refused and said that he could not give a refund as stated in our contract but out of “”good faith”” would refund 35%!At this point I agreed as did not have any other choice….the down side of my situation was that my wedding was totally ruined