I got my kirby vacuum cleaner to improve my credit score with preferred one a few years back. I missed 3 months because of hardship after having someone come to my front door and buzz my apartment several times then calling me demanding I let him in . I called the police, he sounded very threatening. When I called back I made arrangements with a very pleasant man named Tony in the spanish section. There was another gal who called me after because my regular payment wasn’t enough they needed catch up. So I got on regular payment making each payment on time as well as extra each month for almost a year now. I just looked at my credit report and saw they have me down as being 120 days late and 286.00 in default??? After talking with Bridget the supervisor, she said there was 180 in original fees (nsf fees) they tried 2 times x 3 months each month and they are charging me 7.82 a month until all of the original fees plus my the original 3 months of unpaid, well I asked how much in late fees and she told me. She was unwilling to discuss taking some fees off so I could catch up. she said “to do that would by LYing””. Completely unwilling to work with me meanwhile while I try to get my credit score

they will continue to count me as late and add up an additional 7.82 per month even though I am paying on time plus more every month. They wouldn’t even talk about helping me acheive this. Their recording when on hold says they have superior personal service who makes it right to their clients. I have never felt so unlistened to or unwilling to make adjustments to someone who has been on time most of their loan life! Just sickening!”

3051 2nd st S, St. Cloud MN 56301 St. Cloud, Minnesota United States of America