Please stay far FAR away from this business of scamming people. About a year ago, I bought an escape deal from Living Social. I was looking forward to a memorable trip to Florida and as the date got closer, I started making reservations. My first encounter with a customer representative sounded like this person was forced to take a call from his bed. He took my information in a very monotone voice with no interest in my business. I should’ve right then and there stopped and cancelled but Living Social refund policy had passed.My deal of $60 ight in a hotel for 5 nights became $75 ight when they added a $15 ight reservation fee. They had also managed to include a mandatory 90 minute timeshare presentation for me to go or else I would not receive the deal. It was horrible trying to communicate with these people. They sent very vague emails that has long and complicated instructions on when and how to get a hold of them and what to do once I get to Florida.A couple of days before I left for my trip, I wanted to make sure the hotel that we were going to stay in has all our information and everything was ready and booked. Sure enough, they don’t have our names and our confirmation number didn’t even come up. I contacted the customer service and encountered the most obnoxious and unprofessional customer representative. It was obvious this woman hated her job and had no business being in customer care. She had no helpful information to give me and did not even know what hotel I’m staying in. She kept giving me a number that I will have to contact the next day and was trying her best to get me off the phone.I have never experienced such a bad and horrible service and immediately cancelled my reservations with them. This was only a couple of days before our trip and I was beside myself. Fortunately, we still found decent and great deals that was even better than what this scam was offering. I was also very fortunate that Living Social refunded me after looking over my case. Our trip to Florida was amazing and memorable without having to worry about attenting a dreaded timeshare presentation. Please do not get involve with these people, this company is a complete JOKE and their business is to SCAM!

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