A pop-up came onto computor saying i had won $3,000 worth of travel if i called in 4 mins. I did call and instead of being put through to the Sydney number i called i was put through to Florida and was talking to Heather Seido. She then told me all about what i had won then put me through to Jason Davis. Jason then retold me all of which i had heard then tells me about the $895.00 i would have to pay. I asked if i could think it over and he said no i had to do it then as it was a premotion. I then gave him my credit card details (which was stupid) as my phone battery ran out. I then tried to call the number he gave me to contact the office (001114072603620-ext-10620) and couldnt get through. He then called me back and told me i had to finish off and then put me through to a person named Vanessa. She then proceded (and said she was taping the conversation) to verify it all with me. It was all then to be e-mailed to me.I havent recieved anything. This all happened on Thursday 3rd Novemember.

internet, Florida United States of America


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