My name is Vincent Villafuerte. I have read Alfred Rubio’s report that was submitted last September 4 2015. The very same modus operandi was performed on me two weeks ago by a seemingly harmless lady by the name of Ivy who sent me a friend request on Facebook,which I eventually accepted. We chat for a while and asked for my number, which again I gave. She called and we spoke about personal relationship that sounded pretty much like what happened to Alfred Rubio and God knows how many more men out there that fell into her trap. She said she might be able to talk to her Supervisor Margo “Dang”” Flores into giving me her employee discounted rate. Everything really was too good to be true. Ivy said her Supervison will call me within the next minute to give me the details of her employee benfits. After 15 minutes of non-stop talking Supervisor Margo asked for my financial information to pay $899.00 in return for a 7 day 6 night all inclusive stay to a hotel she never mentioned. Supervisor Margo sent me a link where it said she is working for which is At this point I told Supervisor Margo

that I do not have the money today and that I will let her know as soon as I am able to pay the full amount. Supervisor Margo responded by saying that the process

(whatever that may be) has already started and can not be delayed. She said she can process a payment of $400.00 and the remaining balance of $499 is to be paid before the month ends. I ended up paying the $400.00 last Sept 17

2016 My message to the management of is that this mode of operation done online using Facebook as a means to lure men into buying vacation plan with malicious intent by your agents

vacation planners will not go unnoticed. I want full refund for the payment I made. I do not understand why your agents need to resort to forceful and deceitful ways in order to sell your product or service. I hope to hear from you real soon..”