Someone called me from cancun easy vacations about my family winning a great offer because of using an airline company during our travels. They gave this pitch about a $598 (around $600) all accommodations package to cancun, florida and a cruise. It was 5 days and 4 nights for Florida and cancun. It seemed too good to be true but I went on a leap of faith and went with it. One of the managers asked for my credit card information and I was hesitant to give it but he told me that nothing would be charged at this point. I kept telling him not to make any charges on my account unless I’m ready and he said it’s only for “verification purposes. “” I went ahead and gave it to him and he transferred me over to the finance department. He said that I’ll be talking to a Mexican American and when I talked to the guy he was clearly Filipino. I didn’t mind that but why lie about the nationality?? Anyways the guy from finance department said the terms and conditions which I was listening to but NEVER mentioned anything about the first down payment to be non refundable! They were only able to take a $100 from my account and after everything was done I was having my suspicions about this being a scam and I tried calling the customer service numbers they gave me. First off the way they give me answers hesitantly and never giving me the info I need

it’s like they’re running around in circles with the flow of the conversation. Called back 2 days later and asked them to cancel everything and I want my refund back and they said no. They said it was non refundable and that it was all explained on the phone when I talked to someone from finance department. NEVER mentioned it to me and if they did I wouldn’t be going through with the whole thing. So now they sent me through my email the cancellation of the whole thing which I’ll not do. I’ll have my credit card company deal with this. They’re leaving out important information until the customer starts complaining then they state their terms and conditions. Very unprofessional and very unethical.”

Nationwide USA