I was provided wrong information or different information to me about booking a trip for my additional children. was quoted $150 at one point and then when i was ready to pay they quoted $623 after the trip was paid for and booked (additional fees) – in total i have paid almost $900, and now they want another $623 that would need to be paid before I travel in 6 weeks. I don’t have it – my plans were based on the $150 quoted to me. I have spoken to several people, supervisors, and managers – they are all saying the same thing after reading my file. I also called from another phone and refused to give my name – i was placed on hold for 30 minutes and then told i would need to send an email (which they told me the day before) – but the agent said my name – I asked how he knew it – he said I was the only person calling. But i have been holding for 1.5 hrs to get a manager on the line. I spoke to about 11 people in the period of time i was on the phone. I was transferred from one Dept to the next – no one wanting to fix the situation. I was promised someone would call me the day before and it didn’t happen – i was also told they had to listen to the recordings, after being on the phone for 2 days – a manager finally told me they don’t have records – therefore they wouldn’t honor what the representative told me. They could only continue to repeat what was apparently the current policy. They made me request to listen to the recordings through various transfers, as if I was the employee and then to be told 2 days later that there were no records. I spend $520 on passports because of this trip – my total expenses could have been avoided. They also sent “Kathy”” the supervisor an email saying I wanted to purchase another package at $600 – but my daughter is 19 – you have to be 30 to get the package and married. Why would I purchase another package! More erroneous information included in the records. Angela Scott **********************”

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