Premier Soccer Camps (now called Ultimate Soccer Camps) held a soccer camp in Carlsbad, CA during the 2017 Summer called (at that time) Soccer Camp by the Sea (at the Army Navy Academy). After the camp they offered a discounted rate for early registration for the following Summer (2018). I paid the early registration for 2 kids (total of $590, $295/per kid) and was told it was fully refundable for any reason. As the Summer 2018 dates approached, it was discovered the camp was moved to another location (San Diego State), dates were cancelled, and we were unable to attend at the new location and available dates. I requested via email and phone a refund for the early registration fees repeatedly. After many emails and messages, I got an email response by 2 camp administrators (Dennis Lukens and Chris Makin) that a refund would be processed shortly but it never happened. Since then, I again contacted via email and phone several time with no response. I’ve connected him to so many soccer things it’s ridiculous – he is ripping people off all over the US. This guy needs to be stopped. He is criminal. I’ve filed with the BBB and Federal Trade Commission – we will see if anything comes of it. Seems as though he might currently be coaching in AWARE and STAY