Premier didn’t represent my interest in the matter of leasing my timeshare to a third party where they were the escrow company. Premiers made errors causing me to have to pay for the same fee more that once. Payment was not made in the specified time of 12 business days after the final payment was made without further delay as stated on the addendum. The agents at Premier tried to get me involved in a scheme as to pay the manager of the Mexican bank a fee so that the funds could be sent out of the country without the Gov’t knowing it. Premier misrepresented themselves to me as to knowing what the procedures were in order to fulfill this type of contract, such as when they would tell me that they were closing on another contract but yet instill I would be required to pay another fee. This company business practice in representing me was not in my best interest. I was told that this company was in business for a while handling these types of transaction when I questioned Ms. Edkins about these added fees she sent me an email requesting more funds and in it, it states that our attorneys would be more useful if we had a binding contract stipulating the exact regulations or polices when it come to fees and taxes and this company has representative in Mexico as it was told to me. On June 15 I sent Premier a notice saying I wanted to terminate the contract. They replied say that they were sorry to hear this and that if I were not to fulfill the monetary obligation as listed in the contract I would lose my funds that I already had invested. So I continued to pay the fees. I got an addendum from Premier on Aug. 8.2015 stating that a fee was to be paid and that once this fee was covered the funds would be released within 12 business days without further delay. I sent Premier notices reminding them of this with not response. I sent another fax to Premier after the 12 business had passed. I still did not get a response from Premier. When I contacted an outside agency to look into this matter my response for the agent Natalie Moore was ” I don’t have to talk to you every day and furthermore had you waited a couple of more days your money would have been deposited but since you contacted a outside agency you are in violation of the contract”. Premier misrepresented me in this contract by not informing me of the fees an taxes and offering me the option as to whether I wanted to continue with the contract or get out of it when as a company in business they didn’t even know. All fees listed on the documents sent to me would have to have a response within in 3 day or the fee to be paid within 10 days of closing never was I give a closing date in which the money could be sent in and the deal closed.
Premier as I pointed out to them did not represent me in this matter when it came to me having to pain a fee for a “free and clear certificate” for the purpose of doing business in a foreign country. The Mexican gov’t sent me notification June 02,2015 stating that once the capital gains tax was paid the free and clear certificate would be issued. this fee was paid. On 7/13/15 I got a email from Premier stating that the Mexican gov’t was requesting a fee for the free and clear certificate. I pointed this out to Premier but the only action taken on my behalf was that either you pay the fee or you will lose your investment. So I paid. Once the fee was paid Premier sent me a notice on 7/28/15 After our extensive review and intent to finalize the transaction the request was denied. The reason was that the final wire surpassed the limit of monetary funds transferred without filling. The company has attorneys and cpa’s on their staff and no one was aware of this type of action? Premier did not live up to their transactional agreement to represent me in this contract.. I demand the money I invested. I don’t recommend them

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