I worked for this company for a very brief time. In the beginning I did not want to believe that what we wre doing was wrong because I needed the money I was making. But I eventually quit. This company calls Wyndham Timeshare owners and pretends to work on the RCI side of Wyndham. They then get the elderly to give them their credit card information and passwords to their wyndham account. They take the vacation points from these people and sell them and redistribute them to others. It is a huge scam. They will not give their employees a W2 and make everyone that works for them work off a 1099 so they do not have to provide insurance. They need to be exposed nationwide for they hunt anyone and everyone. They will cal Wyndham and theu have a salesman that will pretend to be an old person and forgot his or her password. Scary !!! Do not work for these people, and if yo work for the government, please investigate.

22 Gravois Station Rd House Springs, Missouri United States



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