Multiple voicemails from this number on a daily basis for a couple of weeks stating Microsoft has gone out of business and I am due money back. I figured it was a scam, but was curious what they would say. When I called the number, a young man with an Indian accent took my call and tried to tell me I was due back $200 for money I paid last year. I knew this was untrue but I went along with him. He then told me in order to get my refund, I would have to be connected to my computer so he could process the paperwork. At that point I asked him to take me off the call list and he responded "[email protected]# you mother [email protected]#er". Than he asked if I heard him (which I had not the first time – hah!) He repeated himself and I told him to take me off his call list. He then said "Suck my d$%^"" and I hung up