Phil Frohlich dealt shareholders in 4licensing Corporation a one hundred percent loss after manipulating the shareholder vote at the 2015 annual meeting. He solicited others to vote against Bruce R. Foster and Duminda Desilva, then withheld his shares and did not vote. This allowed Bruce Foster to remain on the board of directors as the sole director, which in turn led to Bruce Foster paying Phil Frohlich and Prescott Capital back by handing over the company less than a year later, as Phil Frohlich quickly moved the company to Oklahoma, filed for bankruptcy, then conspired with Wade Massad of Cleveland Capital, Al Kahn, Leslie Rudd, and Kenneth Feldman to morbid the assets under the radar in Oklahoma. | Vendors got stiffed, and shareholders got a total devastating wipe out. Do not let Phil Frohlich fool you. He is an idiot in the traditional and investing sense, who does not have a successful track record. He will remind you that he graduated in the top of his class, and will further try to gain favor by alligning himself with the Kaiser Foundation. | The prudent thing to do is to never engage in any financial transaction where Phil Frohlich is involved. That is, unless you like losing all of your hard earned money accumulated over decades. Run away from this loser as fast as you can.


  • Name: Prescott Group Capital Management, LLC
  • Country: United States
  • State: Oklahoma
  • City: Tulsa
  • Address: 1924 South Utica Ave., Suite 1120
  • Phone: (918) 747-3412
  • Website: