I used Chris Zirkle service to create a town video to help promote my area and my website. I informed him many times not to upload the video to any of his sites as it will take my SEO away on google. I was using the video to bring people to my site. He kept promoting it on his Vimeo site as well as others. He even took a copy of my vidoe I paid for to other Realtors and town people in Fuquay Varina promoting his work without my authority, I was planning on also doing a video for Fuquay Varina as I expanded my business. I finally get him to remove the video from his site and download it in a dropbox to send to my lady who helps me upload all my videos to help with SEO. I hired Chris Zirkle again in the spring of 2013 to shoot individual neighborhood videos. In September(6 months) I kept asking him when will he be done as the trees and grass colors are changing and I don’t want that in my videos. Anyways finally in December when he needs money he finally sends me rough drafts of the videos. Thats when the nighmare began. He shot in the late fall when we had no leaves on the trees and the grass was brown. He didn’t have any of the ammenities of the subdivisions in it such as pools and playgrounds which it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that they are important. He totally dropped the ball and didn’t prioritize my job. I was planning a big marketing plan to start in the fall promoting the area and now months after I have useless videos I could not use. I would have to wait until spring to correct this. This was a 1 week job at most and he was sxheduled to make around $1,800. Now after I am upset and cancelled him, he removed my video that I already paid in full for from the dropbox. I have no idea how anyone can think this behavior is acceptable. Warning if you are planning on using his service make sure you have an iron clad contract. My fault as he is a member of my church and I still believe in my word and a hand shake. .

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