Online, he says his name is Preston, but it isn’t. His real name is George Sarwinski. He may use other aliases, too, as he scopes out xxx sites and hook-up sites for partners. He has profiles on casual dating sites, too. HE CHEATS AND LIES ALL THE TIME. HE IS A SERIAL CHEATER. He does this behind the backs of EVERY woman he is in a “relationship” with.He is looking for a steady woman to make him look like the good guy he pretends to be. Preston/George is actually a diagnosed sex addict who has also been registered in a database for child abuse, cited as both a physical and sexual risk to children.Preston/George is an AMAZING actor. He will sweet talk and bring on the charm, then when you’re distracted by the “good guy” or “devoted single father” persona, he’ll go out and have sex with as many women as possible. He is very convincing with his “poor me” act and will play the victim over his past relationships. He cheated on his pregnant girlfriend and his wife of 10 years this way. He is also extremely fond of prostitutes, brothels, and illegal massage parlors. His sexual desires are pretty sick, too. He’s probably what’s called a sexual deviant.Preston/George will only use condoms on occasion, and he is rumored to have had a threesome with a married couple (woman AND man). It wouldn’t be his first. He has had sex with other men’s wives and girlfriends and PROUDLY so. Again, he has aliases all over the internet, and he will even lie about his age, birthdate, name, height, etc to keep from being found by his significant other. The last girlfriend he had though…a little too smart for that. HA!AND… HE LIES! ALWAYS! He has a HUGE problem with honesty in all things, mostly pertaining to his secret double life. He has been attending therapy on and off for over a year, but he merely shows up and isn’t honest. He has a court obligation to do so.Also, he has been quoted as saying recently that he needs to make friends with females to see them as women, but in the next statement, he stated that he needs to “get laid when [he is] lonely.” I suspect he is grooming female coworkers for this as both a pit boss and dealer at two different properties on the southern end of the Las Vegas Strip. He worked at Rio Hotel and Casino in the past and had waitresses complain that he made them feel uncomfortable. He has also stalked and harassed women both in person and via text, email, and web. He is a scary and unstable character.George Earl Sarwisnki, AKA Preston Winski, AKA “Strive2Dive”, AKA ((whoever else)))…He is a caucasian male, brown hair, brown eyes, with a gap in his front teeth. In real life, he is about 5’8″ – 5’9″ and ranges from 170-190 pounds. He drives a 1997 white Jeep Grand Cherokee and lives in a weekly/motel. These last two details may change at any time.He also has two children: a daughter with his ex wife, and a toddler son with his ex girlfriend. He doesn’t have custody of either child because of his life choices and mental defects.CAUTION: If YOU or someone you know decides to date this man or have sex with him…do it at your own risk. I guarantee you will NOT be the only person he is having unprotected sex with.All statements made here, I can back up with proof and/or have been admitted by George himself.YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED because I would HATE to hear of anyone else going through the nightmare he’s put other women through.