Hire me for a job to recieve personal info


My Complaint: The “Autodesk Company” lured me into thinking that they were a legitimate company allowing me to work from home. They have me setup a online chat with the “human resource agent” and told me about the job, its incentives, and requirements. They told me that a W2 form and a free HP laptop and get me started to a 2 week training period. They that would pay by direct deposit (trying to get my bank information) for training and after the training period ends. As I later got suspicious and didn’t reply to the email and uninstalled my yahoo IM (which was how they “interviewed me and gave me all the info about the job) and they sent me a text through my phone. I told them “Do not contact me again or I will call the police” and they continued to curse at me then I told them that I have already notified the IRS and FBI of their scam. I haven’t since not replied to any other texts they (assuming) have given me.

Names used: Maze Kelly, Katrina Hollis
Phone number used: 845-259-6523


My Demand: Other peoples knowledge of scam