I took a “job” as a shopper to critique a place of business. Received a check for 1850.00. The bank said it would take a week to clear. They sent me a second check for 1950.00. The job was to send 600 to a person using western union. Send a second money gram of 1000 to same person using Wal-Mart moneygram. 8AM I checked the bank and the indication was that the check had cleared. So I withdrew $1600 in cash to finish the job. My pay was $300.
However when I got home I checked the bank again and found out that the check was no good. So I then realized that I have been scammed. Calls to Bryan Milton were not answered. I feel that the bank let me down by not telling me that when I withdrew the $1600 the check was no good.. I demand $1600 returned!. Stay away

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