a Google wallet representative named peter hung up on me twice after i called him twice and told him that My brother in law wired the $4,200 for the truck he was trying to buy in Nebraska to the account number that they sent us and after the bank had sent it to the account and Google wallet had accepted it Google wallet called me and told me that we had to cancel the bank wire and resend it to a different account because they were under the impression that the bank wire would go through within two days and it took longer so they deactivated the account yet still accepted the bank wire . I’m confused I’m not sure how this is going to work out but, I my brother in law went to his bank and tried to cancel the bank wire and recall it but they said they didn’t know how long it would take approximately to get the money back. I’m not sure what to do.. I demand all my money back and that that representative “peter” gets fired. I don’t recommend them

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