I left my contact info through the website because I believed it to be real. He then texted me the next morning saying he had sent me an email for mor info. I tried to reply to the email dirrectly but it said incorrect address so i relogged into the website. we sent a few messages back and forth then when i asked about payment he said to send money western union to a peter walker in austin texas zipcode 73301 and then once payment was confirmed he would ship the puppy out to my home. he then called me on the phone and began to press me about how quickly i could send him the money and wanted it right away. I began to feel uneasy and told him that i wouldn’t be home to accept delivery of the puppy until next week and he still insisted on me pay that day. i asked for a current photo of the dog which if real he could easily take with his phone and text it to me, instead he sent it through email. i then began to use reverse image finder on the pictures to see if they were authentic and i found that the images he was using as his own puppies actually came from different websites. i stopped texting him and went to work. a few hrs later he began texting asking me when i was sending him the money. by this time i was possitive the whole thing was a scam.