I ordered a pair of heels from this website that cost me quite a bit of money. It is an Australian brand so I ordered them online through their Australian website and paid the steep fee for shipping to the US as well. When they showed up, they were an extremely fake pair of Jimmy Choos- (so bad the top straps were poking through the bottom sole). The shipping came from China with no English and the phone number disconnected. I had an invoice confirmation so I emailed that and inquired about the scam. They told me it "must be a problem with the supplier".. I explained a delay would be a supplier problem, not outright selling counterfeit products. She emailed me back several times to my surprise from [email protected] After threatening recourse, the offered me an insulting 15% refund to keep quiete. I don’t want them even in my inbox as I don’t trust and communication from them that could result in hacking/stealing money from me. None was ever returned. Www.prettymylove.com.au[email protected]