Pushed into a car at priceless Automotive approximately 4 years ago. After promises of a selection there was none. I was aggressively pushed into a car– an 09 chevy cobalt. Now I know why. | After having a starter replaced on it i get a call from the garage that the starter was replaced but theyre locked out of the car due to a restrictive device placed on the cars engine. | They recommend a specialty electronics store with a labor rate of $150/hour. I refused and had the car towed home where its sitting. My car is paid up and I refuse to pay for something that doesnt even belong in my car. | I researched priceless Automotive and read a few similar complaints. The finance company was transferred 3 times. I contacted the current finance company and they’re unwilling to help. | I won’t pay anyone a dime for the car anymore. I was unable to find out the circumstances of priceless Automotive closing both their locations but I suspect there were definitely some unethical– possibly illegal practices. Beware


  • Name: Priceless Automotive’s
  • Country: United States
  • State: Pennsylvania
  • City: Uniontown
  • Address: 231 W Main St
  • Phone: 1 724-550-4411
  • Website: