I placed a bid for airline reservations through priceline.com on February 22 at 7:00p.m. for a round-trip ticket from Chicago to Los Angeles (to leave March 23 and return on March 26. I carefully made sure that I verified my dates. nThe 1st name your own price bid was rejected. Priceline sent me an email with options of getting these tickets through another bid for my trip at a little higher cost. I accepted the bid, received my confirmation and printed it as my record…..little did I realize they had changed my travel dates from March 23-26 to February 23-26th. The next day after 4:00p.m. I received an email from priceline saying “We have received notification from your airline that your reservation has been changed according to your request

or has been cancelled due to day-of-travel flight cancellation or traveler no-show.”” nImmediately I contacted priceline to find out what the changes were and why. This is when I learned they had actually switched my travel dates. I spoke with 3 representatives of priceline in which two were supposed to be supervisors of customer relations. I asked and practically begged for them to return my money. I could hardly understand what they were saying because no one there could hardly speak english. They rattled off something about it was a contract

there was nothing they could do because of a contract that I missed my flight so american airlines canceled the reservation both ways and there was no way that I could get my money back…not even a portion of it. After 45 minutes of going back and forth and them constantly apologizing and saying it was a contract I gave up talking with them and attempted to contact their corporate office to speak with the president of priceline (Mr. Jeffery H. Boyd Chief Executive Officer


Director) However