I was looking at flights to book to go visit one of my friends in Las Vegas. I was looking for a good price and at the advise of my brother he said I should definitely look at priceline.com. He was wrong!!!Not only did I not know I was booking a flight but I didn’t even know that nothing could be changed after the flight was booked. In order to get a quote on a price, I had to give all my personal information. This information included my telephone number, address and credit card number. Than there was this box where you put your initials at. Not only is that booking a flight but apparently from those dirtbags at priceline that that gives the ok for the booking and makes it non refundable. nAnyway after I gave all my information, they said they could give me a ticket for that price. What they didn’t make obvious is that the information they were showing you for ticket information was the ticket that you actually were buying. I thought it was just a quote at first but than I realized I had actuall purchased the ticket. two of the worst times and tickets with connections I didn’t even want. That’s exactly how they can get you the best deal because they give you the crappiest flight. So than I called up priceline and they said they couldn’t help me so I asked to speak to there supervisor. nI spoke to someone in customer service and I repeatedly asked him after he told me the same thing as the first guy to speak to his supervisor. He refused. Than I said does he have a supervisor? He said yes he did. But he refused to let me speak to his supervisor and said that if he could that person would say the same thing. He still refused over and over again and stated to me sir we can stay on the phone all night but nothing will change. Once something is booked, it can’t be changed. This is 2 minutes after I accidently booked a flight. PRICELINE.COM is scum. They are crooks and William Shatner is the perfect figured head for there scam. PLEASE AVOID PRICELINE AND STICK TO THE OTHER WEBSITES IT MIGHT SAVE YOU TIME, MONEY AND FRUSTERATION. If anyone can help me please respond. I know it’s only $300 dollars, but I barely make $500 bucks a week. And when I say bairly, it’s a little less. nPatricknMorristown, New JerseyU.S.A.

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