I was all booked and scheduled through Priceline for a trip from Long Island, NY to Jacksonville, Florida to take care of an elderly aunts affairs. The trip was scheduled for Friday 11/2 through Monday 11/5.Hurrcaine Sandy hit the Northeast on Monday Oct 29th and created devastation up and down the Northeastern seaboard. Personnally I was without power for over 8 days, my business was closed for two days. Generally, life came to a standstill. I called the Delta Airlines, and even though I had booked through Priceline Delta was kind enough to cancel my seat and issue a credit for future travel.When I contacted the MicroHoltel in Palm Coast, Florida to cancel my reservaton I was referred to Priceline. Priceline response was basically to waive their boilerplate at me. They did not care in the least that 60 million people were affected by the worst storm ever to hit the northeast. I was told that my credit card had already been charged and that was that. Under ordinary circustances I would just lick my wounds and accept the costs, but in light of the Hurricane I think that Priceline has revealed it’s lack of good customer focus let alone good customer service.

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