DO NOT USE THEM!!I am a tenant in a unit where owner used Pride for A/C, Plumbing services for years (when there were no problems). When we did have problems, the service people were lazy as heck, would just look at the A/C unit and say things like “well

it’s just old!”” without even opening the A/C closet! They’d say “”oh that toilet has a narrow tube”” — with no attempts made to do anything further etc.We got very used to hearing “”well that’s not covered by your service contract!”” … basically unless we asked them to come stare at the toilet flushing they never did anything. The last straw came last Friday when one of the plumbers (apparently a higher-up too!) came within a hair of actually PHYSICALLY ASSAULTING my wife!!!! He seemed to be intoxicated (wearing dark sunglasses inside

5PM rainy Friday) and when he decided it was time to leave my wife asked him to wait to call the company. He lunged as if to HIT her!! Company laughed off my complaint. Shoulda called police on him. My wife was shaking and crying for over a DAY after this animal tried to physically attack her. The reason? She asked him to wait before going down the elevator until she could call his boss/the company because he hadn’t attempted what the service order requested him to do (check why the toilet wouldn’t flush anything bigger than a single kleenex). They will screw up in every which way

one hand doesn’t know what the other is doing

and apparently not only do they not train/screen their employees to be nice to housewives at home