Took money from me and are still asking for more


My Complaint: I applied for a payday loan on line. The next day I get a call from pride payday that I had been approved for up to 5000 dollars. I ask for 3000 dollars. The first agent ford Washington told me go to cvs and buy a money pak card for 340 and assured me I wold get this money back. It was supposed to verify who I was . I was on hold for a very long time. When I was not on hold ford Washington began to asked very personal questions. About 40 minutes later I was my verification process a as successful and all I had to do now was call the manager Ben Morgan to have the money transferred to my bank account. Mr Ben Morgan then told me told me I would have to get another money pak card for 470 because it was an out of state transfer and that a Mr Lester for the office of foreign mission in new York was waiting to release my money. So like a fool I got the money pak and he called me back saying I made a mistake with my name and the I lied about my credit score. They wanted 780 dollars more. So I even got a call from Mr Lester saying the money was there and I would get every thing back.I feel so stupid I let it go this far. After I gave them all my money they then tell me because the state department was a disbursement fee of 1150 dollars. The guy had Gaul to tell me ask my boss for the 1150 dollars. I can’t believe he tough I would give him that much more money. I told him if I had 1150 dollars in the first place I would not be asking for a loan. These people need to be stopped.


My Demand: full amount