Prime Time Auto Sales of Roseville,Michigan Sold a vechicle that would not even/make off the lot Roseville Michigan!!. Sold a old cargo van.Paid for it. 14 min later would not start and run to exit used car lot. Dealer played with. Carboned up-would not hold a idle curbside. Took it in stride. Drove 1500 ft to nearest gas station. Repeat performance. Owner showed tried to rig it to Run. I said. I am done=buyers remorse. Refund ny cash. After all we are 30 mins after buying and 1500 ft from Dealership. I checked the app for title while waiting at. Gas Station for him. It was back dated already 3 days. And name on title app in correct. I said keep it I will collect later. Got to go to work noe. Too much down time. Was not in my name. Happened July 24th 2018. Money=check still not sent. No van money not returned. Owner hiding from the BBB inquiries. Preys on Detroiters with poor credit. About 89 finance cars out there. All need to report this guy named Joe running this

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