Myself and my family (20 passengers) had planned a cruise for a year (departs 3/30/14). My father had an unfortunate accident on 3/6/14. He fell off of a ladder and broke 6 ribs and his collarbone. He has had complications from the original fall, including a partially collapsed lung, pneumonia, ruptured diaphragm that resulted in part of the small intestine getting caught inside. He has had 2 surgeries, adding a plate to the collarbone, and this past Monday was transferred to Stanford Medical Center via helicopter for an emergency surgery to repair the diaphragm and intestine. The bowel leaked into his chest cavity and had to be cleaned out during the surgery. He has been in hospital for 13 days, 9 of them in ICU, to date. After all this, he is unable to travel. This trip was for the entire family to celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary of my aunt and uncle. We are a close family, and do not want to be halfway across the globe (we live in California) and in the middle of the ocean while my Dad is in this condition. Collectively, we have sailed with Princess Cruise Lines more than 100 times in the past years. Nothing like this has ever happened to any of us before. This is simply an accident, and we are trying to deal with it the best way possible. We called Princess Cruise Lines, spoke with everyone up through executive management and they are saying there is nothing they can do. We purchased insurance on most of the rooms, but there is still no guarantee will get any of our money back. Even worse, we won’t know until up to 3 months after the cruise. However, we did not ask for our money back, only to receive a voucher for the same cruise at a later date when my father is able to travel. At this point, we will either lose most or all of our money, or be forced to go on the trip without my parents. How much money is this to a huge corporation like Princess vs. a family who wanted to take a trip together to celebrate? When this first happened, I really believed that if we spoke with a real person they would see the human side of this problem and try to help us resolve it. Instead we have run into a brick wall and they refuse to do anything. I wanted to get the word out to everyone to beware of this company. They are heartless and do not have a human side to their business. It seems they care about nothing but money, and not helping out families. Loyal customers who have spent thousands of dollars with them in the past means nothing to them. They only care about the bottom line. I have not decided what we will do. But my father has asked that we go, so we don’t lose our money. I am still struggling with that option.

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