I bought a US $17,000 Hermes Birkin size 35cm with this LYING SELLER. Her name is MICHELLE BERK, company PRIVE PORTER. Twitter priveporter I found this bag from ebay listing and agreed to transfer the money. She is not a polite woman after all. She did not send package according to what the instruction says. SOLD ME A DEFECT (SCRATCHED) BAG. | All she says is ‘oh i did not see it’. DID NOT EVEN APOLOGIZE. She must be blind sighted not seeing the bag was scratched. Asked me to ship it with my own cost to a Spa repair. NOT ONLY THAT. She send me a DAMAGE HERMES BIRKIN BOX. NOT RESPONSIBLE HUMAN BEING! SHE RIPPED ME OFF. | She sold me the wrong bag which I make sure before i buy that it is TOGO leather. | She sold me was CLEMENCE leather. How on earth could she be so DUMB not knowing the difference if she is the seller. She posted on the ebay site that all her bags are paid cash by her from the store. When the receipt came, she did not purchase CASH from the store. It was someone else credit card which means she bought it from someone else. | BEWARE WITH PRIVE PORTER. DO NOT BUY FROM HER. YOU WILL REGRET IT FOREVER. | SHE IS ONE HELL OF A LIARRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!! BE CAREFULL.


  • Name: Prive Porter
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Boca Raton
  • Address:
  • Phone: 1-561-479-9200
  • Website: www.priveporter.com/