After waiting weeks to receive my package of three candles, I open the box to nothing but shattered glass. All of my candles were broken and none came with the individual boxes they were supposed to come with. There was nothing but a couple foam peanuts ON TOP of the candles. Immediately after receiving and opening my package, I sent an email and tried to contact customer service through their website. Their website is no longer in service and gmail alerted me to the fact that my complaint email would not go through as their contact email was also no longer an email. I am at a loss as to what to do and have seen nothing but complaints from customers. They are deleting all bad comments from their Facebook page and not addressing anyone’s problems. I would like a complete refund for all of my candles and the ridiculous shipping that I had to pay for my ungiftable candles. Crossing my fingers that they get what’s coming to them!

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