Complaint: We hired Dan Casey (a/k/a KC Construction) to build our house in Louisburg, ,KS. Initially he was committed but after a few months and each payment he disappeared to do other jobs. This caused repeated delays including us having to make extra rent and construction loan interest payments. After several month of this game, he finally reappeared to do a hurried finish to beat the winter deadline. Later we discovered he did not educate himself on how to properly install the septic and did not install the stablizer, did not compact the soil around it which resulted in the septic settling and creating a bowing effect. After he came over to view and resolve the issue and allegedly calling the manufacturer, we never heard from again despite repeated calls. Other problems such as not compacting the soil under the sidewalk or attaching rebar to the foundation has resulted in a 3-5 inch drop; no top soil was spread ton the back yard resulting in difficulty getting the grass to grow and other annoying problems too numerous to mention. All of this could have been avoided if he would have done the right thing as a craftsman and builder.

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