I strongly recommend not doing business with Pro Gas and Heating (I believe they are not a BC registered company any longer) nor the apparent proprietor Eddy Lowe (who has shown no sign of scruples or accountability). I had a problem with our pool heater and contacted Pro Gas to check it out despite the fact that Id used them before and had poor customer experiences. No other company was available (not surprising Pro Gas was available, given their growing bad reputation). I made an appointment for July 22nd in the morning and arranged the day off work. The technician arrived in the afternoon and while the package I purchased for $129.95 was to clean and inspect all my gas heating equipment (furnace, hot water tanks, fire places and pool heater) I got the technician to look at the pool heater first as it was my primary concern. After calling Eddy, he advised that it needed repair or replacement. We agreed on repair and I paid $1,175.10 to prepay the service call and parts with $895.15 due on completion. We set up an appointment for the morning of July 24th to complete the work (another day off work). No one showed up and no one called so I contacted Eddy in the afternoon and he advised that the parts did not arrive but the technician would be there first thing in the morning. I waited until after noon and called Eddy and was told that the technician was tied up with an emergency repair but would arrive later. He did not. I called Eddy again and other appointments were made. I got excuses that the technician had two flat tires on his truck and other wildly unlikely scenarios. Three or four appointments made without anyone showing up made me very upset and concerned. With each no-show, no one called me and when I called Eddy, he would not answer. He has many phone numbers that he uses and if he recognizes a number of an unhappy customer he will not answer. I tried calling once with no answer and then immediately called again on my Blackberry and voila! He was there! Eventually he told me that the original technician was a drug addict and no longer worked for him but that he had the parts. I am astounded that any company would knowingly send someone with a drug problem to your home and deal with gas appliances! At some point in the Fall, I asked for the money spent on parts/repair to be returned. He said he would do nothing without a written request. He gave me a FAX number which I tried 15 to 20 times, along with other FAX numbers hed used in the past. None went through successfully. I then sent two registered letters, one to the address on his invoice and the other to Eddy Lowe at home. Both were returned as undeliverable as addressee was not at these addresses. I finally got through by sending from a different FAX number. So now it is January. I am out of pocket nearly $1,200, my pool heater is half disassembled and Fast Eddy has refused to give back the money I had given him with nothing delivered in return. So, check with the Better Business Bureau, the BC registrar of companies and Google Pro Gas and Heating or Eddy Lowe and see that this disreputable company/proprietor should not be engaged in any work you need done.

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