Greetings!On January 25th 2019 I entered into a signed agreed contact to allow Stephanie Jackson to be hire by me as a agent into purchase agreement of a vehicle.That was a online purchase agreement.She stated that I was qualified and began to show me a listing of vehicles that she had picked out for me.Also quoted me a delivery date and stated to me to forward all fee/ downpayment towards vecicle select.Stated for me to send monies through Walmart to Walmart as well as Western union.I did as follow.To not delay nor offset delivery date.After seeing how Stephanie changed delivery date as well as vehicles.Than ceased all contact and kept my money .I had no other choice but to reach out to your company.She is a professional scammer .I have suffered dearly from her dishonesty, misleadIng,fruadgulant ways!She also posed as a agent/ worker for caravanaThey as well have a FRAUD ALERT!with her name on it.I ask if you can please assist me in this matter/ claim that I am submitting to you on this date.The abusive ways demonstrated on and in the the behalf of Stephanie Jackson/ Huni Williams located in the Atlanta area . Must stop and cease immediately!She has multiple names.These are just some that I was able to recover.Please note that I have submitted a copy of her photo.