Ewen Chia, claiming to have a loophole to earn. Seriously? Is it possible to make money in such a straightforward manner? First of all, it isn’t, and secondly, if there is anything such, there’s a lot of risks involved with the work.
Coming to the topic, no person can just sit and earn Billion Dollars. There needs to be either hard work or a smart mind. Ewen claims the product to be as magic, well, investors and money earning people do not believe in money and if they do, they are superstitious ones who wait for secure payment. The product is also claimed to be of a business where no sales are required. So, there not might be the sale of products, but somehow easy money ideas are generated. There are some or other reasons for this product. No one shares something without profit on today’s date. Customers should be aware before trusting.
The not only idea but about skill too is also needed to reach out for such alternatives, possibly Ewen is out there in search of s

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products are just a waste of time and money