Bob Sauber Called our company and ordered 14 belt buckles for his event. We called him when we were ready to ship to get payment. He said we would call us back with a card, and since he was referred to us by one of our long time reputable customers who had been working with him we shipped his order. | Bob called us back with a card but the card was not good. | We have called, e-mailed, sent bills and to this day…he always says he sent a check or is sending a check or will give us another credit card but nothing but lies. | To date Bob has never paid us a penny for the buckles he received. I wish I would have read up on this scoundrel before we shipped to him, I would have found out about him and would never have trusted him. I wanted to put this out there for anyone else that might be thinking about working with this man or his association. I also wanted any of his partners or associates to know that he does not pay his bills in case he lies to them too.


  • Name: Professional Championship Bullriders
  • Country: United States
  • State: Illinois
  • City: Charles
  • Address: P.O. Box 1062 St.
  • Phone: (630) 386-5373
  • Website: