This property management company is keeping $937.22 of our deposit. They are charging us for cleaning the home even though we had thoroughly cleaned it. They are charging us for replacing the air filter but we had already replaced it. They say the filter vent was very dirty but I was on a ladder and vacuumed and wiped it down with cleaner. They are saying that we are responsible for the remaining 23 months of the paint job. I have no idea what they are talking about. The paint was left in good condition and there was no damage to the home. We even weeded the property and repaired the fence that was falling apart at no cost to them. We left the home in better condition than when we moved in and we are appalled at what they are doing. I had called in to do a walk through and I was turned down, they said that was not possible and to just follow the instructions on the move out sheet and everything should be fine. Here is what they are charging: Cleaning $100.00 Paint $664.47 plus an additional $172.75 in miscellaneous charges! I have been a business owner for the better part of 17 years and have had many leases for both business and personal and this is by far the very worst experience I have had yet. Our only option at this point is to sue them in small claims which we intend to do. The owners of the home we rented were James H Wilkes and Sharon Wilkes. The property management claims it was their call to keep our money either way it’s wrong and PPM has a pattern of this behavior I’m writing this review to warn would be renters that they will keep a large portion of their deposit no matter how nice they leave it.


  • Name: Professional Property Management
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Folsom
  • Address: 555 Oakdale Suite C
  • Phone: (916) 353-1900
  • Website: