In May of 2008, I purchased flowers for my mother-in-law through for Mother’s Day. Following this, I began to receive charges on my Credit Card from “Easy Saver 800-355-1837 PA””. Not knowing where this charge came from

I did a quick internet search

only to find that ProFlowers is sharing CREDIT CARD information with Easy Savers without a transparent consent from the customer. I NEVER agreed to an Easy Saver “”membership””; and I am baffled that a seemingly reputable company like ProFlowers would actually share my credit card info with a third party without making this transaction completely clear for the customer. nNow I have to sort this out with Easy Saver

which based on what I am reading online will be a headache in itself! The next step will include a filing at the Better Business Bureau

state Attorney General’s Office and potentially Class Action Lawyers