02-01-2010 We switched to Progressive home insurance. Unfortunately on 02-13-2010 our home was broken into. We contacted Progressive to find out what we should do, we did not lose enough to make a claim but did not know what we needed to do in regards to contacting the insurance company. So we called them to let them know what had occurred but that we would not be making a claim. On 03-26-2010 we received a notice that our policy was being canceled for: Underwriting action due to unfavorable loss experience during the underwriting review period, theft loss claim. 04-01-10 I called to see about getting the claim removed because we did never made a claim but since we had notified them of the break in, they considered that a claim. Even though we never filed anything or asked them to pay. We are young and this is the first time we have ever had anything like this happen to us. We thought that we were being honest in contacting them and needed their advise on what actions to take. We never intended on making a claim. 04-01-2010 The insurance company said even though i did not intend to make a claim, a claim was made and they can not remove it from our file. Even if they could remove the claim, they still have a right to cancel us at their discretion. We are now a liability that they do not want us. There was no further discussion. There is nothing they can do for us. So instead of raising our rate they just cancelled us. Although I am now in the process of getting a new insurance provider but since the false claim is on my previous insurance acct, the other companies will not provide us coverage. Therefore progressive has falsely tarnished our ability to get home insurance coverage. They explained it was my fault because our house was broken in. Something that was out of my control. Although I was told if I had never called to notify them or ask questions about our coverage then I would still have insurance. When I asked for a supervisor to look into it, she also said sorry there is nothing she could do for us. I think this is unjust and wrong. We are being punished for being honest and for trusting that progressive would cover us. So if we would have made an actual claim, they still would have cancelled us. So in the mean time I am hoping to find a company that will provide us with Insurance and understand that we were falsely accused of making a claim and were not at fault when being cancelled by Progressive.

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