Received phone call from Cara who asked if I was pro-life. I said yes; she said it was an honor to speak to me and asked for a donation of $100. When I said I could not afford that, she said she would send me a letter and asked me to send a check in return, saying that she hoped “the good Lord will return your gift a hundredfold.” She also asked for money due to facing opposition from “the multi-million-dollar abortion industry and the liberal media.” When I repeatedly said I couldn’t afford it and did NOT want my name put down for a minimum pledge (which I repeatedly declined), she kept trying to haggle me down to a lower donation amount. Eventually I asked for the name of the website and looked it up. I found this website and realized I had to get off the phone, and I was forced to fake an excuse to hang up.. I demand I’m just looking to warn others about calls from this organization.. Stay away

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