Complaint: I worked for prolific promotions, and left after two weeks due to fraudulent activity. They had us fixing windshields that were not cracked or chipped, only scuffed, or scratched. I was told by a lead team member that getting chips was most important and if you cant find one just make one up. If you refuse they will put you at events alone, and further away and will make your life miserable, as they did another guy and I. The hours are from 8am to 8pm pretty much, regardless of what they may tell you, so if you have a family or social life be prepared to kiss it goodbye. You spend most of your time driving from the main building to a gas station or car wash an hour away for the event. Lunch breaks are non existent, they tell you to manage your own time, but trust me your lead team member will motivate you to continue working until cut off time, and then tell you to ask for permission to continue working pass cut off time. If you dont, your job is threatened. After two weeks I left, and since then I was not compensated for my second week of work. The windshields I fixed for that second week were given to someone else and I was never paid. If you were thinking of working here, my advice is to go anywhere else, even McDonalds! Dont get wrapped up in their fraudulent activities, and spend money on gas, never to get compensated.

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Address: 125 Town Park Dr.| Suite 300, Kennesaw, GA 30104 Kennesaw, Georgia United States of America


Phone: 678.881.0850