I’ve had a loan that I’ve paid off with Prosper for over two years now. I’ve never missed or have been late on a payment. My husband and I currently needed a small loan for moving and relocation expenses. Prosper offered me a pre-approved loan, so I applied for it. The whole process was a joke. They requested unreasonable information. I sent them our tax return, W-2’s, 1099, voided checks, photo ID’s, even our marriage license. Keep in mind that I am a previous customer of theirs with good standing. They should not even need all of this information. Then I get a call from some JERK, named Ronnie. He asked me for more information. He wanted my last 3 months of bank statements, our last pay stubs, etc. I asked him why do they need all of this information. Especially, when they’ve done business with me before? He was so incredibly rude, and defensive. I felt it was told him uncalled for. I told him to just forget about it. I wasn’t going to send them anything else. I found the whole process invasive. He said fine! Then he hung up in my face. Not one time did I raise my voice with him, nor was I rude. I felt I had the right to ask a total stranger why they needed so much personal information from me and husband for a small loan? I will never do business with them again. If they act this way to verify income, then imagine how they will act if you miss a payment? Why would they need my marriage license?! I hope they go out of business, because they are highly unethical


  • Name: Prosper Marketplace Inc.
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: San Francisco
  • Address: P.O. Box 396081
  • Phone: 1-(866)615-6319
  • Website: www.prosper.com