DO NOT BUY PROTECT-A BED MATTRESS PROTECTOR AND DO NOT BELIEVE THEIR 10 YEAR WARRANTY SCAM!!! | My husband and I bought a king size mattress from Mattress FIRM store in Miami on November 29, 2010. When we decided on the mattress, the salesperson who knew that I was pregnant suggested that we also get a good mattress protector for all of those baby and toddler accidents that we were about to experience in the future. We were told that the Protect-A Bed mattress protector was top of the line and the best thing about it was its 10 year warranty and, if something happens and the protector fails, the company will replace your mattress because they stand behind their product and that was why the protector was that expensive: $150.00. We bought the mattress along with the protector relying on those statements. | Fast forward to January 30, 2016. Our 4 year old son climbed into bed with us and apparently peed himself while he was sleeping. As my husband and I were removing the sheets and the mattress protector from the bed, we were surprised to see that the urine completely soaked through the mattress causing a big leak inside the mattress and a huge stain. | I contacted Protect-A-Bed customer service and explained to them the situation. I was told by this representative, Chase, to send them all the information: copy of the receipt, pictures of the stain, and certain product information for the protector. I did all that right away and they sent us a new protector. Chase then told us to ship them back the old protector for its testing and we, for some reason, had to pay the shipping costs. That was a warning sign #1. I questioned Chase about that policy (why should we be responsible for the shipping costs?)and he said that they will reimburse the shipping costs IF they find that the leakage was the manufacturing defect. At that point I asked Chase regarding “who is doing the testing?” and I was told that the in-house testing department would be doing the testing at which point I raised questions about their objectiveness and impartiality to the whole process. What is the incentive for them to find a manufacturing defect in their own product even if it does exist when they are the very employees of the company? | In any case, about a week later, as expected, we received a letter from Protect-A-Bed letting us know that, through their in-house testing process, they found some kind of small blisters that turned into tiny holes that allowed the leakage through the protector onto our mattress. They then claimed that it was found to be NOT a manufacturing defect (convenient, isn’t it?) and all the fault was on us, as customers and users. As a result, they were closing their case and that would be the end of it. | After I learned that the testing of the protector was in-house, I already knew that they were not going to willingly pay for the mattress or the damages and they will make sure to find the outcome in their favor. But to be so ridiculous and insulting as to suggest that we were supposed to find these tiny holes via mere inspection with a naked eye is preposterous.


  • Name: Protect-A-Bed
  • Country: United States
  • State: Illinois
  • City: Wheeling
  • Address: 1500 South Wolf Road,
  • Phone: 866.297.8836
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