David White is the owner of Providence Produce. The produce stands that are set up in South Charlotte on Providence Rd, in Matthews on Monroe Rd and in Mint Hill on Hwy. 51. nHe is a drunk. He received a DUI at 6am in the morning on 485. I dont know how his wife, Christine, puts up with him. She is the nicest person in the world. She has the biggest heart and will do just about anything to make your day better. David is an absolute jerk. nThe funny thing is, most of their produce isn’t local. Only about 2-3 months out of the year its local. The rest comes from Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Mexico and Guatemala. So unless there is a Guatemala, NC that I haven’t heard about; then it’s not local. They even remove the “out of state/county”” stickers off the produce to deceive the customer. nIf you go at the right time in the afternoon

around 5pm (rush hour)

you can get some nice rotten tomatoes and potatoes that have been baking in the sun all day long. Mmm yum

nothing like a good rotten tomato. Where’s the sanitation grade? Produce stands aren’t required to have one

yet they have refrigerated items. nDavid constantly is getting tickets on the highway for not maintaining a safe weight in his big truck. David constantly overloads his truck