DO NOT USE PROVIDENT BANK | A month ago I decided to open up a checking account at PROVIDENT BANK ( | After two weeks of NEVER receiving my full account info (only last 4 numbers) so I could not even ACH money into my own account & NEVER receiving my debit card/pin (I did receive a welcome letter with no account info – THREE TIMES), I reached out on phone & online for help & receiving NONE, I decided to close my account – I mean why bother if I have no debit card or checking account numbers, right? | I was told by a [email protected] that in order to close the account, I must pay $15 … WHAT? | They did not give me any info whatsoever on my account & want to charge me $15 for the privilege of wasting TWO WEEKS of my time – they are INSANE. | I waited a full month before posting this & still NO DEBIT CARD & they still INSIST I PAY $15 FOR THE RIGHT TO CLOSE MY ACCOUNT! | Needless to say, I apologize in advance for you reading this multiple times, since I am posting this everywhere I can. | BEWARE OF PROVIDENT BANK ( | Key words: Provident, ProvidentBank, Bank, Scam, Rip-off, Ripoff, Fraud, Shady


  • Name: Provident Bank
  • Country: United States
  • State: New Jersey
  • City: Jersey
  • Address: 239 Washington Avenue
  • Phone: 800.448.7768
  • Website: