A levy in the total amount of $4, 532.33 which includes $125.00 bank fee on my checking and savings acct with Bank of America was placed 6/20/2018 (I was not notified prior to or at time of withdrawal by my bank, any other individual or company of this levy) I discovered my missing funds on 6/22/2018 while accessing my accounts for other purposes. After multiple phone calls to my bank and Southern California courts I was given a court case number and a contact number for Harris and Zide Attorney/Debt collectors who were said to be responsible for the levy. Upon contacting Harris and Zide office I spoke with Marriza Martinez who identified herself as the legal assistant. Upon my inquiry into my missing funds I was told by Marriza Martinez that it was for an Providian Bank account held in 2001, that they sent me three letters, one on 1/27/2015 to a prior address, another 10/4/2017 and 3/7/2018 to my current address that I have resided since 2011, and that I had a judgement from Sacramento Courts that was public records that I could refer to. Marriza Martinez then stated that this was also linked to Palisades Bank who had bought Providian Bank and to another attorney by the name of Wolf. I immediately challenged the information provided as I do not recall ever having an account with Providian Bank and furthermore I have not received any correspondence from Harris and Zide, I could not obtain court information as she stated with the court case she gave me and stated was public record nor could she provide me with proof of service. I believe this to be a scam and I’m not sure what recourse I have without spending monies to hire an attorney to retrieve money from this company. I am sending them a certified letter for demand of return of my money however I believe this office should be aware of this incident and if it is appropriate to please intervene /assist on my behalf to have my money and bank fees returned.

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